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Rescue Rooms Live Review

Great live review from The Nottingham Post!

SKAM At Nottingham Rescue Rooms Thursday 12th May 2016

It seemed to be the Night of the Bassists, as all three bands on the line-up boasted some of the most charismatic bass players out there.

Firstly there was Matt Gilmore playing for the openers, SKAM, a 3 piece hard rock outfit hailing from Leicester, who delivered a cracking set and went down really well with the impressive number of early arriver’s who caught their set. Due to the stage set up, with The Treatment’s drum kit already on the riser, it was also as treat to get a great view of the drummer, Neal Hill, who is possibly the coolest maths teacher around! Guitarist and lead vocalist, Steve Hill, has a classic hard rock voice with outstanding range and he can really bend a string when he plays, as proved during “Massacre”. Their slower track, “The Wire”, and the closer, “No Lies” were also stand outs in their short set. Definitely a band to look out for on any line-up.

Thanks guys, see you at the next show!

Hi, its been a long time since we last posted here, we have been locked away working on album 3, we are basically getting carried away! The concept has been decided! Album 3 will be about a time travelling RAF officer, he will be visiting some crazy people from history. We can’t say much more at the minute but expect something different from us all packaged like an old school record.


We have a few gigs to keep us going over the next few months, check out the listing and come to a show, you never know, new tracks may make an appearance.


See you at the bar x x

Album Number 3!

We may not have many gigs on the listing but we are busy writing album 3. We have decided to take a short break from touring to spend time making album 3 our best yet. We have loads of ideas and concepts in mind, we are spending time in pre production getting everything just right. The release date for this masterpiece will be 2016! Expect heavy riffs, haunting strings, electronic keys and some meaningful lyrics.

If you do need a hit of SKAM in 2015 then check out our gig listings, we have a few headline shows for you before Christmas.

See you all soon x x


The time has come… Off Yer Rocka records and Mask Agency Group are proud to present OUT OF OUR ROCKAS TOUR 2015. The tour will showcase the best new bands on the Off Yer Rocka label. SKAM, The Texas Flood, Massive Wagons and Pig Iron.

The tour will take the band all over the UK including some summer festival slots.

All dates and venues below

Thursday 9th July – The Garage Swansea with The Texas Flood

Friday 10th July – The B2 Norwich with The Texas Flood

Saturday 11th July – The Musician Leicester with The Texas Flood

Wednesday 15th July – The Tunnels Bristol with The Texas Flood

Thursday 16th July – The Dublin Castle London with The Texas Flood, Massive Wagons and Pig Iron

Friday 17th July – The Yorkshire House with Massive Wagons

Saturday 18th July – Stereo Glasgow with Massive Wagons

Wednesday 22nd July – The Talking Heads Southampton with The Texas Flood

Thursday 23rd July – The Iron Road Evesham with The Texas Flood

Friday 24th July – The Rock and Blues Festival Pentrich

Sunday 26th July – Steelhouse Festival Ebbw Vale

This tour hosts some of the hottest new bands on the UK circuit, we can’t wait to get out and play for you guys. Expect some new tunes, some new stage antics and some special guests!

See you on the Road!

Airbourne / SKAM

London – The Garage

Beer, Torches and good times with Leicester and Oz rockers

When you scribble notes like, “oooh, big torch” and “oh Fuck yes!” you know its been a good night.

SKAM vocalist/guitarist Steve Hill beelined straight from his teacher day job to support Airbourne tonight. Accordingly, he and his leicester bandmates play with the infectious joie de vivre of three guys overjoyed to be out of the office. Bassist Matt Gilmore looks like a tattooed Animal from the muppets, head thrashing about through bangers like Holy City ….


Polly Glass – Classic Rock Magazine

“The Leicester trio piece together their history-referencing rock using a tried-and-tested recipe of riffs, riffs and more riffs. And you know 
what? It works a bloody treat. – In a world with so many smoke and mirrors scams, Skam are undeniably the real deal”
KKKK Kerrang! Magazine Peacemaker
“Specialising in creating a penetrating atmosphere while touching on an almost psychedelic swagger  – Loud, proud, as tight as the 
proverbial…and British too!!” [9/10 album review]  “a raucous take on Zeppelin beating up Clutch in a lo-fi grunge street fight.”  
Powerplay Magazine
“A fine album from a young band who are clearly enjoying themselves and play with a wonderfully infectious youthful exuberance”
Rock Society Magazine 
“histrionic leads and born showmanship – especially with the huge rock riff that  heralds new tune Peacemaker” 
Metal Hammer Magazine
“Part Foo Fighters, part Queens Of The Stone Age, three-piece Skam look like they 

have been doing this for years. With an armoury of songs such as current single Rivers and a new record deal in their pockets, they are set to go far”  – “the Prince is close on being a modern day pop-rock masterpiece”
Classic Rock Magazine 
“The band deliver music that gets inside your soul and makes it jump about waving devil signs and sporting a silly grin” 
Fireworks Magazine 
“Peacemaker’ is a definite step up the rock ‘n’ roll ladder. As they gain the audience and start playing the venues to better suit their increasingly 
outward-looking style, SKAM can surely only build from here – it’s a long way to the top, but these boys are making real good headway.”
8/10 Midlands Rocks 
“the album is full of wickedly infectious grooves, with some serious fret shredding solo’s and thundering bass lines that underpin the
whole album. As AC/DC once said, this will shake your foundations”
4/5 PlanetMosh 


That’s right, we are hitting the road once again in November. Part 2 will see the band play in Cities and towns we missed first time round. The tour will include a show at Hard Rock Hell 8 with the likes of  Electric Mary, Bonafide, Y&T, Buffalo Summer and MASSIVE. We also get to headline stage 2 at Planet Rock Stock, another great festival with California Breed, The Answer and Down n Outz. Its been a crazy few months in the SKAM camp so what a better way to move forward than to get on the road. All dates below…

Thursday 6th November – The Grand Central Manchester

Friday 7th November – The Sitwell Tavern Derby

Saturday 8th November – Rock City Basement Nottingham

Sunday 9th November – The Central Gateshead

Wednesday 12th November – Cardigan Arms Leeds

Thursday 13th November – Rock Zombie Dudley

Friday 14th November – Hard Rock Hell 8 Gwynedd

Saturday 15th November – The Wheatsheaf Oxford

Sunday 16th November – The Star Inn Guildford

Saturday 6th December – Planet Rock Stock Trecco Bay

See you all on the road……now lets get Rocking!!


Hi, Matt here. I have some bad news. Unfortunately we are going to have to cancel some gigs. I have had some bad news regarding my Wifes health. I don’t want to go into too much detail but it means I will be unavailable for a good few weeks. The gigs that have been cancelled are:
Friday 26th September at Scruffy Murphys Birmingham
Saturday 27th September at Satans Hollow Manchester 
Friday 3rd October at Bootleggers in Kendal 
Saturday 4th October at O2 Academy Leicester
I can only apologise for this. I’m hoping people that know me understand how much time and effort I put into SKAM so this has been very hard for me. I will be back to kick some ass soon! Thanks for your understanding.


Its with great pleasure we can announce we will be supporting AIRBOURNE on their short UK tour at the end of August. We can’t wait to rock with these guys, then after try and drink them under the table! The dates fit nicely on the end of our PEACEMAKER tour so make sure you grap a ticket while you still can. These gigs will sell out.

Tuesday 26th August – Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth

Wednesday 27th August – Concorde 2 Brighton

Thursday 28th August – The Garage London

All ticket details are on our gig page.

See you on the road!

It’s great getting reviews for the new album, we are so pleased that everyone seems to get it! We would like to thank My Global Mind for this great review, very kind words indeed! Be sure to check them out, they love all things Rock and Metal!!

“Hailing from Leicester, Skam are a 3 piece classic rock band who have been on the scene for almost 3 years now. After a wild ride of over 250 gigs supporting some well renowned artists including: The Wildhearts, Laika Dog and Blaze Bayley, this 6 legged powerhouse finally decided to write and record their debut album in the form of Peacemaker – a 14 track shit storm of a record that can only be heralded as one of the finest albums to come from an underground UK based artist in the past 10 years! This is an album you need in your collection, and Skam are most definitely a band you need in your life.

The first thing that stands out about Peacemaker is how clean cut the production is on this record. For a band this size it is a real treat to hear such a crisp, no nonsense, professional sound; and this can be put down to the bands choice of producer on this album. Working with the legendary Matt Elliss was a massive pay off; resulting in tracks such as lead single ‘Holy City’, the bouncy ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ and the emotional power ballad ‘Precious Stone’ sounding like they had been released by a band of arena level stature. When a band not only puts time and effort into writing songs, but also into the production of said songs, you know they are serious – showing that with this record Skam are making a statement, and this statement is: “This is who we are, this is how we sound, and by god do we sound good”.

For a 3 piece band Skam have a hell of a lot of balls and power. Anyone would think when hearing tracks such as ‘Make You Pay’, ‘Rivers’ and he feel good ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ that there was at least 5 members to this band. The songs on Peacekeeper were written to be played live. They are catchy, captivating, energetic and above all memorable. There isn’t a dull track on this album, and the pure heaviness and force behind each and every one of these tracks is the driving factor behind this album, making it a record that entices you from the very first chord till the final song finishes.

It is hard to define Skam in terms of genre/subgenre. There is so much going on in their music that they take bits and pieces from what can be described as the “80’s scene” and mash it together to form their own unique sound. It is hard to think of an unsigned, underground rock band out there at the moment who can rival with the calibre of music that Skam have produced on Peacemaker, and hopefully there will be many more epic releases like this to follow very soon!

It’s not often a band comes along and releases a flawless album, but Skam have proven with the incredible Peacemaker that if you put enough hard work, time and insane musicianship into your songs you can release a masterpiece that puts your band a cut above the rest! Roll on the next 1! ”


Check them out now at www.myglobalmind.com

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