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Rescue Rooms Live Review

Great live review from The Nottingham Post!

SKAM At Nottingham Rescue Rooms Thursday 12th May 2016

It seemed to be the Night of the Bassists, as all three bands on the line-up boasted some of the most charismatic bass players out there.

Firstly there was Matt Gilmore playing for the openers, SKAM, a 3 piece hard rock outfit hailing from Leicester, who delivered a cracking set and went down really well with the impressive number of early arriver’s who caught their set. Due to the stage set up, with The Treatment’s drum kit already on the riser, it was also as treat to get a great view of the drummer, Neal Hill, who is possibly the coolest maths teacher around! Guitarist and lead vocalist, Steve Hill, has a classic hard rock voice with outstanding range and he can really bend a string when he plays, as proved during “Massacre”. Their slower track, “The Wire”, and the closer, “No Lies” were also stand outs in their short set. Definitely a band to look out for on any line-up.

Thanks guys, see you at the next show!

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Classic Rock say nice things about a certain Support band… ;)

Airbourne / SKAM

London – The Garage

Beer, Torches and good times with Leicester and Oz rockers

When you scribble notes like, “oooh, big torch” and “oh Fuck yes!” you know its been a good night.

SKAM vocalist/guitarist Steve Hill beelined straight from his teacher day job to support Airbourne tonight. Accordingly, he and his leicester bandmates play with the infectious joie de vivre of three guys overjoyed to be out of the office. Bassist Matt Gilmore looks like a tattooed Animal from the muppets, head thrashing about through bangers like Holy City ….


Polly Glass – Classic Rock Magazine

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Kerrang and Powerplay and many more Give SKAM KKKK

“The Leicester trio piece together their history-referencing rock using a tried-and-tested recipe of riffs, riffs and more riffs. And you know 
what? It works a bloody treat. – In a world with so many smoke and mirrors scams, Skam are undeniably the real deal”
KKKK Kerrang! Magazine Peacemaker
“Specialising in creating a penetrating atmosphere while touching on an almost psychedelic swagger  – Loud, proud, as tight as the 
proverbial…and British too!!” [9/10 album review]  “a raucous take on Zeppelin beating up Clutch in a lo-fi grunge street fight.”  
Powerplay Magazine
“A fine album from a young band who are clearly enjoying themselves and play with a wonderfully infectious youthful exuberance”
Rock Society Magazine 
“histrionic leads and born showmanship – especially with the huge rock riff that  heralds new tune Peacemaker” 
Metal Hammer Magazine
“Part Foo Fighters, part Queens Of The Stone Age, three-piece Skam look like they 

have been doing this for years. With an armoury of songs such as current single Rivers and a new record deal in their pockets, they are set to go far”  – “the Prince is close on being a modern day pop-rock masterpiece”
Classic Rock Magazine 
“The band deliver music that gets inside your soul and makes it jump about waving devil signs and sporting a silly grin” 
Fireworks Magazine 
“Peacemaker’ is a definite step up the rock ‘n’ roll ladder. As they gain the audience and start playing the venues to better suit their increasingly 
outward-looking style, SKAM can surely only build from here – it’s a long way to the top, but these boys are making real good headway.”
8/10 Midlands Rocks 
“the album is full of wickedly infectious grooves, with some serious fret shredding solo’s and thundering bass lines that underpin the
whole album. As AC/DC once said, this will shake your foundations”
4/5 PlanetMosh 

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Review Time… My Global Mind give PEACEMAKER the once over!

It’s great getting reviews for the new album, we are so pleased that everyone seems to get it! We would like to thank My Global Mind for this great review, very kind words indeed! Be sure to check them out, they love all things Rock and Metal!!

“Hailing from Leicester, Skam are a 3 piece classic rock band who have been on the scene for almost 3 years now. After a wild ride of over 250 gigs supporting some well renowned artists including: The Wildhearts, Laika Dog and Blaze Bayley, this 6 legged powerhouse finally decided to write and record their debut album in the form of Peacemaker – a 14 track shit storm of a record that can only be heralded as one of the finest albums to come from an underground UK based artist in the past 10 years! This is an album you need in your collection, and Skam are most definitely a band you need in your life.

The first thing that stands out about Peacemaker is how clean cut the production is on this record. For a band this size it is a real treat to hear such a crisp, no nonsense, professional sound; and this can be put down to the bands choice of producer on this album. Working with the legendary Matt Elliss was a massive pay off; resulting in tracks such as lead single ‘Holy City’, the bouncy ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ and the emotional power ballad ‘Precious Stone’ sounding like they had been released by a band of arena level stature. When a band not only puts time and effort into writing songs, but also into the production of said songs, you know they are serious – showing that with this record Skam are making a statement, and this statement is: “This is who we are, this is how we sound, and by god do we sound good”.

For a 3 piece band Skam have a hell of a lot of balls and power. Anyone would think when hearing tracks such as ‘Make You Pay’, ‘Rivers’ and he feel good ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ that there was at least 5 members to this band. The songs on Peacekeeper were written to be played live. They are catchy, captivating, energetic and above all memorable. There isn’t a dull track on this album, and the pure heaviness and force behind each and every one of these tracks is the driving factor behind this album, making it a record that entices you from the very first chord till the final song finishes.

It is hard to define Skam in terms of genre/subgenre. There is so much going on in their music that they take bits and pieces from what can be described as the “80’s scene” and mash it together to form their own unique sound. It is hard to think of an unsigned, underground rock band out there at the moment who can rival with the calibre of music that Skam have produced on Peacemaker, and hopefully there will be many more epic releases like this to follow very soon!

It’s not often a band comes along and releases a flawless album, but Skam have proven with the incredible Peacemaker that if you put enough hard work, time and insane musicianship into your songs you can release a masterpiece that puts your band a cut above the rest! Roll on the next 1! ”


Check them out now at

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Planet Mosh know their stuff!

Hi lovely people, PEACEMAKER will soon be here. We cant wait.

To help feed your audio appetite we have another Review. This one is from the very wise guys and gals at PlanetMosh.

Check this out.


Opening up a rock album with a self-penned sub one minute instrumental homage to Spaghetti Westerns take some balls, fortunately Skam have plenty. And they are big. Very big.
‘Make You Pay’ is the first real track on the new album. While this is a great little number, it isn’t anything new, Skam seem to be content to continue with the sound, direction and quite frankly, the winning formula of their debut album ‘Its Come To This’, which isn’t such a bad thing as it was an impressive release.
However, track number three ( the first single released way back in January ) ‘Rivers’ kicks off with an infectious grove that will have you reaching for your Air Guitar, this song grabs you with its simple yet commanding riff, and while you’re there, grab your Air drumsticks as well, your gonna need them.
The latest single ‘Holy City’ is next up, and once again Skam have raised the bar with this one, the songwriting, the structure are all just that little bit better than the debut, when I say a little bit better, on further listens, I mean a lot better. (this cd has not been out of my player for over a week now ).
By the time Peacemaker, the title track, comes along, this album will have already drawn you in with it’s straight forward rock n roll attitude and some serious guitar work.
The wire is the albums longest track, clocking in at over five minutes; it’s a slow burner but finishes with an amazing solo.
Even when Skam slow it down a bit such as on ‘Precious Stone’, No, it’s not a ballad, it is just a bit slower than everything else, there’s still time for a fierce solo.
The remaining tracks are all equally as good, with enough variation to keep everyone happy, ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ being a simple yet effective little rocker.
Peacemaker has been produced by Matt Ellis who was at the helm on the debut ‘Its Come To This’, and he has done a killer job, the album is full of wickedly infectious grooves, with some serious fret shredding solo’s and thundering bass lines that underpin the whole album. As AC/DC once said, this will shake your foundations.


Thanks to all at Planet Mosh you guys Rock. To read some more reviews and all things Rock and Metal head over to the Planet Mosh Website: PlanetMosh

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There are no Clowns At the Rock and Roll Circus!

After one of the hottest weeks this year i thought only right to give you a HOT review.

This one comes from our fine friends at The Rock And Rock Circus Radio show.

A lengthy review with a lovely track by track account. Enjoy


SKAM are a three piece based in Leicester in the UK. Formed five years ago by Steve Hill (Guitar), Matt Gilmore (Bass) and Ray ‘X-Ray’ Peverill (Drums), these Leicester legends are rocking it hard!. With over 400 performances under their belts, they’ve appeared in every major city throughout the UK and Ireland. SKAM have supported such bands as The Answer / The Union and Bonafide plus headlined their own shows and festivals which have included, Cambridge Rock Festival, Bulldog Bash, Hard Rock Hell 6, Steelhouse Festival and Hammerfest VI. With two self funded EP’s and a ten track debut album “It’s Come To This”, SKAM now give us their highly anticipated new release “Peacemaker”.

Langundo – With the sounds of crickets and cicadas you are taken away to a serenity where a gorgeous acoustic guitar rolls in the background while the haunting flute plays with a reminiscence of an Apache tribe sat around a campfire.

Make You Pay – After the peacefulness of the previous track, this one comes exploding at you like a freight train!. Thunderous beats and an addictive lick on the guitars grab you and instantly get you thinking “oh hell yeah!”. An awesome foot tapping track where you’ll be throwing yourself around the pit and fist pumping the air like a kid that’s just finished school for the last time. Addictive stuff!.

Rivers – A brooding bass line launches the drums and some guitar flare before we get into a rhythmic chug on the guitar. Sounding like a steam train thundering down the tracks this track really flows with some epic wah guitar at the bridge.

Holy City – A guitar riff that demands your instant attention and rolls on the drums that add to the impact, throw you face first into this juggernaut of a track. With such an upbeat, addictive tone, you cannot help but want to mosh and foot tap to this.

Peacemaker – This comes swaggering at you like you’ve just stepped on it’s toes and looked at it’s girlfriend funny. With a heavy Black Sabbath tone to it, this track is heavy and brooding. Some epic rhythm work and a seriously wicked guitar solo at the bridge brings this track some serious attitude.

The Wire – This is one of those mellow rock tracks that needs cranking up to the max!. With electro acoustics and reflective lyrics, this track intensifies in power to really raise the hairs on your neck. The classic, eyes shut, lost to the world type track that leaves you with goosebumps. Serious power and emotion, epic!.

Fortune Favours The Brave – A growling guitar riff and a roll on the drums brings an inspired track that’ll have you chanting the chorus along with the backing vocals. With bounce and attitude this track will grab you and knock some sense into next week. Awesome drum fills throughout to inspire this uplifting anthemic track.

The Prince – With a military roll to the drums, the distorted wah guitar fires up to inject some pace into the rhythm. With an aggressive chug to the guitar and crash cymbals, this track throws it’s weight around like the royalty it is.

Precious Stone – A downbeat, moody track that emerges into a breakthrough of electro acoustic guitars, drumstick taps and fills. An awesome power ballad with a guitar solo at the bridge that impacts the senses. Top notch!.

In The Zone – A punky tone to this track with a heavy, low end, strumming guitar and drum rolls. If you had 145 seconds, what would you do?, let’s get in the zone!. A bouncy, fun song that’ll get you singing and jumping in the pit.

Let’s Get Rocked – With tones of AC / DC here, this track seriously rocks!. A classic, uplifting feel good rock chant that’ll get anyone stomping about the pit.

More Or Less – Guitar stabs and cymbal fills unleash this aggressive track. Coming at you with serious attitude, the brooding lyrics fire up the rhythm and energise the guitars into a full on face off at the bridge. The melody at the end, winding the track down only to come screaming back at you in the finale.

SKAM have seriously blown us away with this new album!. It’s inspired, it’s catchy and it rocks it’s ass off! This is feel good heavy rock at it’s best!. What SKAM have produced here is immense in quality, feel and power. As soon as you hear these guys, you can’t help but feel energised and want to windmill around the place. So many different tones to the tracks but every one of them satisfies. If you like AC / DC, Bullet For My Valentine, Evanescence and Staind or just want a feel good, easy to get into rock album, then you need to check out SKAM and let them rock you!. Epic!!!

WOW, Thanks for the kind words and to all at The Rock and Roll Circus Radio show, If you want to go check more great reviews, and music and banter just head over to their Facebook page at:



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The Classic Rock Society Love our Youthful Exuberance!

Another day, another review.

Todays snippet comes from the cool chaps and chapettes at The Classic Rock Society magazine.

I love it when we get referred to as young 🙂


SKAM are a young Leicester based power trio and PEACEMAKER is their second album which follows some favourable reviews and championing from the likes of Thunder’s Luke Morley. For the main part this is high tempo guitar driven rock which seems to draw its main inspirations from Grunge era bands such as Foo Fighters.

Thats not to say that its all grunge based as there are several other influences at play, most notably in the form of some Sabbathesque riffs and a chugging AC/DC feel good factor.

A fine album from a young band who are clearly enjoying themselves and play with wonderfully infectious youthful exuberance.


Thanks for the kind words.

To order a copy of the mag or see what things the Classic Rock society are up to head over to their web page:



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Classic Rock Album Review.

Todays Review comes from the powerhouse that is Classic rock magazine!

It seems the new album Split Mr Domes opinion down the middle!  But here at SKAM HQ we are happy to hear all opinions…

We just might not agree with them! 😉


Usually, bands load thier best track on at the start of an album. Which is why so many fade away after the fourth or fifth track. But Leicester’s SKAM have gone against convention by putting a lot of mediocre material into the first half of their second album. Its a ll competently dull. Songs which disappear from memory as soon as they, erm, disappear.

But just as you are ready to write off PEACEMAKER, it bursts into life with the groove grab of ‘The Wire’, and builds from there. ‘Fortune favours the brave’ sparkles with a caustic riff, ‘The Prince’ is close on being a modern day pop rock masterpiece, and ‘Lets Get Rocked’ has priapic vibe that belies the cliched title. Why didn’t SKAM start with this lot and grab everyones attention? Who knows. But once they get going, this mix of the temperance movement and early Leppard really fires.

Malcolm Dome              6/10


We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this one, Temperance Movement and Leppard, Sound interesting!


To get hold of a copy of this months Classic Rock magazine head over to their webpage: Classic Rock


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Fireworks review

To mark the imminent release of our Second Album PEACEMAKER, every day this week we will be sharing

a review. After all we want to know what the rock and roll public think.

So for the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. We hope you make up your own mind!

So to start things off we have an awesome review from the awesome ‘FIREWORKS MAGAZINE’


“The UK seems to be producing plenty of young bands recently who just love riffs. Riffs for breakfast, riffs for tea, plus a quick riff before they go to sleep. These are bands who appreciate that Rock music owes a lot to the blues but feel it still needs a good kick up the arse…with a riff.

SKAM are definitely one of those bands, one i have now been impressed by twice onstage. The live experiences, although short, certainly had me wondering what they could do in a recording studio and just as i was wondering that, their second album was hurled at me by an angry postman (don’t ask)

The promotional blah described SKAM as a “powerhouse three-piece” , and that sums them up nicely. Their songs are melodic and heave, underpinned by (you guessed it) big ass riffs and pounding drums. Vocalist / Guitarist Steve Hill pulls off his duel role with aplomb although his vocals could be a little stronger at times. Between them, however the band deliver music that gets inside your soul and makes it jump around waving devil signs and sporting a silly grin. Even when they slow it down a bit as on ‘Precious Stone’ (don’t worry its not a ballad, just a bit slower than the rest) theres still time for a fierce solo.

So far, so good and SKAM certainly tick plenty of boxes for an enjoyable album. The drawback, however, to their reasonably basic song structure is that when you listen to the whole album it can be a bit samey, with tracks having a hard time standing out from the herd. Mind you, possibly the most basic track, ‘Lets Get Rocked’, is excellent in its simplicity so its all a bit swings and roundabouts. Lets just say there is a lot to like about SKAM but in the ned a little variety would have certainly improved what is already a solid album… with lots or riffs.

Alan Holloway


To get a copy of fire works magazine vist Fireworks on Facebook: