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Kerrang and Powerplay and many more Give SKAM KKKK

“The Leicester trio piece together their history-referencing rock using a tried-and-tested recipe of riffs, riffs and more riffs. And you know 
what? It works a bloody treat. – In a world with so many smoke and mirrors scams, Skam are undeniably the real deal”
KKKK Kerrang! Magazine Peacemaker
“Specialising in creating a penetrating atmosphere while touching on an almost psychedelic swagger  – Loud, proud, as tight as the 
proverbial…and British too!!” [9/10 album review]  “a raucous take on Zeppelin beating up Clutch in a lo-fi grunge street fight.”  
Powerplay Magazine
“A fine album from a young band who are clearly enjoying themselves and play with a wonderfully infectious youthful exuberance”
Rock Society Magazine 
“histrionic leads and born showmanship – especially with the huge rock riff that  heralds new tune Peacemaker” 
Metal Hammer Magazine
“Part Foo Fighters, part Queens Of The Stone Age, three-piece Skam look like they 

have been doing this for years. With an armoury of songs such as current single Rivers and a new record deal in their pockets, they are set to go far”  – “the Prince is close on being a modern day pop-rock masterpiece”
Classic Rock Magazine 
“The band deliver music that gets inside your soul and makes it jump about waving devil signs and sporting a silly grin” 
Fireworks Magazine 
“Peacemaker’ is a definite step up the rock ‘n’ roll ladder. As they gain the audience and start playing the venues to better suit their increasingly 
outward-looking style, SKAM can surely only build from here – it’s a long way to the top, but these boys are making real good headway.”
8/10 Midlands Rocks 
“the album is full of wickedly infectious grooves, with some serious fret shredding solo’s and thundering bass lines that underpin the
whole album. As AC/DC once said, this will shake your foundations”
4/5 PlanetMosh