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Another day, another review.

Todays snippet comes from the cool chaps and chapettes at The Classic Rock Society magazine.

I love it when we get referred to as young :)


SKAM are a young Leicester based power trio and PEACEMAKER is their second album which follows some favourable reviews and championing from the likes of Thunder’s Luke Morley. For the main part this is high tempo guitar driven rock which seems to draw its main inspirations from Grunge era bands such as Foo Fighters.

Thats not to say that its all grunge based as there are several other influences at play, most notably in the form of some Sabbathesque riffs and a chugging AC/DC feel good factor.

A fine album from a young band who are clearly enjoying themselves and play with wonderfully infectious youthful exuberance.


Thanks for the kind words.

To order a copy of the mag or see what things the Classic Rock society are up to head over to their web page:



Classic Rock Album Review.

Todays Review comes from the powerhouse that is Classic rock magazine!

It seems the new album Split Mr Domes opinion down the middle!  But here at SKAM HQ we are happy to hear all opinions…

We just might not agree with them! 😉


Usually, bands load thier best track on at the start of an album. Which is why so many fade away after the fourth or fifth track. But Leicester’s SKAM have gone against convention by putting a lot of mediocre material into the first half of their second album. Its a ll competently dull. Songs which disappear from memory as soon as they, erm, disappear.

But just as you are ready to write off PEACEMAKER, it bursts into life with the groove grab of ‘The Wire’, and builds from there. ‘Fortune favours the brave’ sparkles with a caustic riff, ‘The Prince’ is close on being a modern day pop rock masterpiece, and ‘Lets Get Rocked’ has priapic vibe that belies the cliched title. Why didn’t SKAM start with this lot and grab everyones attention? Who knows. But once they get going, this mix of the temperance movement and early Leppard really fires.

Malcolm Dome              6/10


We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this one, Temperance Movement and Leppard, Sound interesting!


To get hold of a copy of this months Classic Rock magazine head over to their webpage: Classic Rock


Fireworks review

To mark the imminent release of our Second Album PEACEMAKER, every day this week we will be sharing

a review. After all we want to know what the rock and roll public think.

So for the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. We hope you make up your own mind!

So to start things off we have an awesome review from the awesome ‘FIREWORKS MAGAZINE’


“The UK seems to be producing plenty of young bands recently who just love riffs. Riffs for breakfast, riffs for tea, plus a quick riff before they go to sleep. These are bands who appreciate that Rock music owes a lot to the blues but feel it still needs a good kick up the arse…with a riff.

SKAM are definitely one of those bands, one i have now been impressed by twice onstage. The live experiences, although short, certainly had me wondering what they could do in a recording studio and just as i was wondering that, their second album was hurled at me by an angry postman (don’t ask)

The promotional blah described SKAM as a “powerhouse three-piece” , and that sums them up nicely. Their songs are melodic and heave, underpinned by (you guessed it) big ass riffs and pounding drums. Vocalist / Guitarist Steve Hill pulls off his duel role with aplomb although his vocals could be a little stronger at times. Between them, however the band deliver music that gets inside your soul and makes it jump around waving devil signs and sporting a silly grin. Even when they slow it down a bit as on ‘Precious Stone’ (don’t worry its not a ballad, just a bit slower than the rest) theres still time for a fierce solo.

So far, so good and SKAM certainly tick plenty of boxes for an enjoyable album. The drawback, however, to their reasonably basic song structure is that when you listen to the whole album it can be a bit samey, with tracks having a hard time standing out from the herd. Mind you, possibly the most basic track, ‘Lets Get Rocked’, is excellent in its simplicity so its all a bit swings and roundabouts. Lets just say there is a lot to like about SKAM but in the ned a little variety would have certainly improved what is already a solid album… with lots or riffs.

Alan Holloway


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Hi Cats and Kittens!

We are very excited to announce that Pre Order of the new album PEACEMAKER is available right now.

and to tempt your sexy fingers to click on the button we are giving you a brand new track ‘LETS GET ROCKED’

The track will be available as an instant download for anyone who pre orders.

I hope you enjoy it, we enjoyed making it!

Click on the links below to order:





PeacmakerWow, so here we are in July!

This month our new album PEACEMAKER will be released.

After the long delay we cannot wait for you guys to hear it.

This week to mark the occasion, the mighty Kerrang! magazine have featured us in the ‘Introducing’ section of the mag.

Grab yourself   copy of K!1525 to check it out and see us give our best war faces!

And even better go to the Kerrang! website for an exclusive free download of the powerful title track PEACEMAKER.



That’s right people, the second single from the forth coming album, PEACEMAKER, is now available.

HOLY CITY is a track about us all. We are all the same. But for some reason we feel the need to add a divide by using religion, race or creed. The B side is an exclusive acoustic version of GOING AWAY, a firm favourite amoung the SKAM massive.

We hope you like it! Keep rocking and we will see you on the road very soon

Download now from the link below.






We are really pleased to announce that we will be playing this years Planet ROCKSTOCK.

The Team at Planet Rock have always been great to us and we are really chuffed to be joining this years lineup.

This years Lineup already includes mega acts like Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz, Voodoo SIx, Tax the Heat and magnum with loads more to follow. The Weekend runs December 5th-7th 2014. Porthcawl, Wales.

For more info get over to the ROCKSTOCK Website


We are pleased to announce the PEACEMAKER TOUR 2014! This tour will take us all over the UK. We have some great support bands lined up and have even made some gigs free entry! All ticket information on our gigs page.


07/08/14 – Dove and Rainbow – Sheffield

08/08/14 – The Corner House – Cambridge

09/08/14 – The Musician – Leicester (Offical Album Launch)

10/08/14 – The Talking Heads – Southampton

13/08/14 – King Billys – Northampton

14/08/14 – The Diamond – Sutton in Ashfield

15/08/14 – Lounge 41 – Workington

16/08/14 – Stereo – Glasgow

21/08/14 – The Dublin Castle – London

22/08/14 – B2 – Norwich

23/08/14 – Exchange – Bristol

The new 11 track album will be released Worldwide via Off Yer Rocker Records on Monday 28th July. 2014 is the year of the PEACEMAKER!

We are pleased to announce our 2014 Living Room Tour,  a tour with a twist. Ever wanted a live rock band to play in your house/flat/garage? Well now is your chance! We will come to your place and play a set of your choice in front of your friends and family!  All you have to do to enter is send a message to mattskam@hotmail.co.uk telling us where you live and why playing at your place would be cool.

Do you have a quirky place? Maybe a huge garage just waiting to be rocked? Will you provide sausage rolls? Do you have a spare Rolls Royce and swimming pool? The more interesting your message the better chance you have of us coming. The gigs will take place between  Friday 27th June to Sunday 29th June, with exact times to be arranged.

Each winner will receive a one off  ‘Living Room Tour’ t-shirt and a signed print with a thank-you message from the band. Please be aware that this would be a full live PA powered gig, it would be a good idea to invite the neighbors! We’re looking forward to your message, so let’s get rocking!


PS – Rumours of Metallica opening for SKAM on the Living Room Tour are totally unfounded 😉

New Live Photos

Ace photographer Shona Cutt. captured these ace new live shots of SKAM at the Tunnels in Bristol back in January hot on the heels of shooting the new promotional images of the boys to accompany their eagerly awaited second album Peacemaker.

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