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Planet Mosh know their stuff!

Hi lovely people, PEACEMAKER will soon be here. We cant wait.

To help feed your audio appetite we have another Review. This one is from the very wise guys and gals at PlanetMosh.

Check this out.


Opening up a rock album with a self-penned sub one minute instrumental homage to Spaghetti Westerns take some balls, fortunately Skam have plenty. And they are big. Very big.
‘Make You Pay’ is the first real track on the new album. While this is a great little number, it isn’t anything new, Skam seem to be content to continue with the sound, direction and quite frankly, the winning formula of their debut album ‘Its Come To This’, which isn’t such a bad thing as it was an impressive release.
However, track number three ( the first single released way back in January ) ‘Rivers’ kicks off with an infectious grove that will have you reaching for your Air Guitar, this song grabs you with its simple yet commanding riff, and while you’re there, grab your Air drumsticks as well, your gonna need them.
The latest single ‘Holy City’ is next up, and once again Skam have raised the bar with this one, the songwriting, the structure are all just that little bit better than the debut, when I say a little bit better, on further listens, I mean a lot better. (this cd has not been out of my player for over a week now ).
By the time Peacemaker, the title track, comes along, this album will have already drawn you in with it’s straight forward rock n roll attitude and some serious guitar work.
The wire is the albums longest track, clocking in at over five minutes; it’s a slow burner but finishes with an amazing solo.
Even when Skam slow it down a bit such as on ‘Precious Stone’, No, it’s not a ballad, it is just a bit slower than everything else, there’s still time for a fierce solo.
The remaining tracks are all equally as good, with enough variation to keep everyone happy, ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ being a simple yet effective little rocker.
Peacemaker has been produced by Matt Ellis who was at the helm on the debut ‘Its Come To This’, and he has done a killer job, the album is full of wickedly infectious grooves, with some serious fret shredding solo’s and thundering bass lines that underpin the whole album. As AC/DC once said, this will shake your foundations.


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