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Review Time… My Global Mind give PEACEMAKER the once over!

It’s great getting reviews for the new album, we are so pleased that everyone seems to get it! We would like to thank My Global Mind for this great review, very kind words indeed! Be sure to check them out, they love all things Rock and Metal!!

“Hailing from Leicester, Skam are a 3 piece classic rock band who have been on the scene for almost 3 years now. After a wild ride of over 250 gigs supporting some well renowned artists including: The Wildhearts, Laika Dog and Blaze Bayley, this 6 legged powerhouse finally decided to write and record their debut album in the form of Peacemaker – a 14 track shit storm of a record that can only be heralded as one of the finest albums to come from an underground UK based artist in the past 10 years! This is an album you need in your collection, and Skam are most definitely a band you need in your life.

The first thing that stands out about Peacemaker is how clean cut the production is on this record. For a band this size it is a real treat to hear such a crisp, no nonsense, professional sound; and this can be put down to the bands choice of producer on this album. Working with the legendary Matt Elliss was a massive pay off; resulting in tracks such as lead single ‘Holy City’, the bouncy ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ and the emotional power ballad ‘Precious Stone’ sounding like they had been released by a band of arena level stature. When a band not only puts time and effort into writing songs, but also into the production of said songs, you know they are serious – showing that with this record Skam are making a statement, and this statement is: “This is who we are, this is how we sound, and by god do we sound good”.

For a 3 piece band Skam have a hell of a lot of balls and power. Anyone would think when hearing tracks such as ‘Make You Pay’, ‘Rivers’ and he feel good ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ that there was at least 5 members to this band. The songs on Peacekeeper were written to be played live. They are catchy, captivating, energetic and above all memorable. There isn’t a dull track on this album, and the pure heaviness and force behind each and every one of these tracks is the driving factor behind this album, making it a record that entices you from the very first chord till the final song finishes.

It is hard to define Skam in terms of genre/subgenre. There is so much going on in their music that they take bits and pieces from what can be described as the “80’s scene” and mash it together to form their own unique sound. It is hard to think of an unsigned, underground rock band out there at the moment who can rival with the calibre of music that Skam have produced on Peacemaker, and hopefully there will be many more epic releases like this to follow very soon!

It’s not often a band comes along and releases a flawless album, but Skam have proven with the incredible Peacemaker that if you put enough hard work, time and insane musicianship into your songs you can release a masterpiece that puts your band a cut above the rest! Roll on the next 1! ”


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