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“SKAM is like an espresso…small but packing a powerful punch.”
LINK- Cavern Review

“The power 3 piece packed more punch into a 30 minute set than a lot of bands can muster in two hours”
LINK- ChesyRockReviews

“this band were loud, proud and locomotive.”
LINK- Hitthefloor

“They had a very energetic performance style”
LINK- Planet Mosh

“one of those rare gems you find as a support act”
LINK- Festivalsforall

“with their blues-fuelled funky hard rock built on the driving powerful bass”
LINK- HevyPetal

“it’s clear that the crowd have had their eardrums warmed up plenty”
LINK- BBC Review

” These lads can’t help but get the crowd jumping”
LINK- Midlands Rocks

“Skam are definitely one to keep an eye out for.”
LINK – Midlands Music Maniacs

“Skam were a great warm up act and they certainly got the crowd in the mood to rock! All three musicians are supremely talented and the sheer energy they put into the show was incredible; the drummer was very reminiscent of animal from The Muppets.”


“What you’ve got here is 10 tracks of unapologetically muscular rock”


“What Skam have done is create a very solid album of classic rock music”
LINK- Room Thirteen Rock Reviews

“SKAM know how the Rock wind blows”
LINK- German Metal Site

“This is a cd full of Classic Rock tracks, that seriously kick some ass.”
LINK- Planet Mosh

“Skam prove their mission statement and it is as tight as a gnats chuff”
LINK- Chesy Rock Reviews


“Quite possibly the best showmen I’ve seen out of the sea of Midlands’ unsigned acts”
LINK- Killing Time EP

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