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The Classic Rock Society Love our Youthful Exuberance!

Another day, another review.

Todays snippet comes from the cool chaps and chapettes at The Classic Rock Society magazine.

I love it when we get referred to as young 🙂


SKAM are a young Leicester based power trio and PEACEMAKER is their second album which follows some favourable reviews and championing from the likes of Thunder’s Luke Morley. For the main part this is high tempo guitar driven rock which seems to draw its main inspirations from Grunge era bands such as Foo Fighters.

Thats not to say that its all grunge based as there are several other influences at play, most notably in the form of some Sabbathesque riffs and a chugging AC/DC feel good factor.

A fine album from a young band who are clearly enjoying themselves and play with wonderfully infectious youthful exuberance.


Thanks for the kind words.

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