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There are no Clowns At the Rock and Roll Circus!

After one of the hottest weeks this year i thought only right to give you a HOT review.

This one comes from our fine friends at The Rock And Rock Circus Radio show.

A lengthy review with a lovely track by track account. Enjoy


SKAM are a three piece based in Leicester in the UK. Formed five years ago by Steve Hill (Guitar), Matt Gilmore (Bass) and Ray ‘X-Ray’ Peverill (Drums), these Leicester legends are rocking it hard!. With over 400 performances under their belts, they’ve appeared in every major city throughout the UK and Ireland. SKAM have supported such bands as The Answer / The Union and Bonafide plus headlined their own shows and festivals which have included, Cambridge Rock Festival, Bulldog Bash, Hard Rock Hell 6, Steelhouse Festival and Hammerfest VI. With two self funded EP’s and a ten track debut album “It’s Come To This”, SKAM now give us their highly anticipated new release “Peacemaker”.

Langundo – With the sounds of crickets and cicadas you are taken away to a serenity where a gorgeous acoustic guitar rolls in the background while the haunting flute plays with a reminiscence of an Apache tribe sat around a campfire.

Make You Pay – After the peacefulness of the previous track, this one comes exploding at you like a freight train!. Thunderous beats and an addictive lick on the guitars grab you and instantly get you thinking “oh hell yeah!”. An awesome foot tapping track where you’ll be throwing yourself around the pit and fist pumping the air like a kid that’s just finished school for the last time. Addictive stuff!.

Rivers – A brooding bass line launches the drums and some guitar flare before we get into a rhythmic chug on the guitar. Sounding like a steam train thundering down the tracks this track really flows with some epic wah guitar at the bridge.

Holy City – A guitar riff that demands your instant attention and rolls on the drums that add to the impact, throw you face first into this juggernaut of a track. With such an upbeat, addictive tone, you cannot help but want to mosh and foot tap to this.

Peacemaker – This comes swaggering at you like you’ve just stepped on it’s toes and looked at it’s girlfriend funny. With a heavy Black Sabbath tone to it, this track is heavy and brooding. Some epic rhythm work and a seriously wicked guitar solo at the bridge brings this track some serious attitude.

The Wire – This is one of those mellow rock tracks that needs cranking up to the max!. With electro acoustics and reflective lyrics, this track intensifies in power to really raise the hairs on your neck. The classic, eyes shut, lost to the world type track that leaves you with goosebumps. Serious power and emotion, epic!.

Fortune Favours The Brave – A growling guitar riff and a roll on the drums brings an inspired track that’ll have you chanting the chorus along with the backing vocals. With bounce and attitude this track will grab you and knock some sense into next week. Awesome drum fills throughout to inspire this uplifting anthemic track.

The Prince – With a military roll to the drums, the distorted wah guitar fires up to inject some pace into the rhythm. With an aggressive chug to the guitar and crash cymbals, this track throws it’s weight around like the royalty it is.

Precious Stone – A downbeat, moody track that emerges into a breakthrough of electro acoustic guitars, drumstick taps and fills. An awesome power ballad with a guitar solo at the bridge that impacts the senses. Top notch!.

In The Zone – A punky tone to this track with a heavy, low end, strumming guitar and drum rolls. If you had 145 seconds, what would you do?, let’s get in the zone!. A bouncy, fun song that’ll get you singing and jumping in the pit.

Let’s Get Rocked – With tones of AC / DC here, this track seriously rocks!. A classic, uplifting feel good rock chant that’ll get anyone stomping about the pit.

More Or Less – Guitar stabs and cymbal fills unleash this aggressive track. Coming at you with serious attitude, the brooding lyrics fire up the rhythm and energise the guitars into a full on face off at the bridge. The melody at the end, winding the track down only to come screaming back at you in the finale.

SKAM have seriously blown us away with this new album!. It’s inspired, it’s catchy and it rocks it’s ass off! This is feel good heavy rock at it’s best!. What SKAM have produced here is immense in quality, feel and power. As soon as you hear these guys, you can’t help but feel energised and want to windmill around the place. So many different tones to the tracks but every one of them satisfies. If you like AC / DC, Bullet For My Valentine, Evanescence and Staind or just want a feel good, easy to get into rock album, then you need to check out SKAM and let them rock you!. Epic!!!

WOW, Thanks for the kind words and to all at The Rock and Roll Circus Radio show, If you want to go check more great reviews, and music and banter just head over to their Facebook page at: